Source Energy and Emissions Analysis Tool


The CMIC Source Energy and Emissions Analysis Tool calculates source energy consumption and selected air emissions including Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions associated with annual site energy consumption by purchased fuel type of baseline and alternative applications defined by user-selectable and default inputs.

The tool also provides information on typical annual site energy use in a user-selected location for:

• Residential buildings and equipment

• Commercial buildings and equipment

• Industrial applications

• Passenger vehicles (<6,000 lbs)

Default power plant efficiency, fuel mix, and emissions data contained in the current and previous eGRID databases allow the user to determine source energy consumption and GHG emissions (as well as SO2, NOx, and Hg) associated with annual site electricity consumption at national, NERC region, eGRID sub-region, and state levels as well as for marginal generation mixes. Energy consumption and emissions associated with extraction, processing, transportation, and distribution are also determined for electricity and other energy forms based on government data sources.

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